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Automatic Powder Coating Spray Booth

Automatic Powder Coating Spray Booth

  • Powder Coating Spray Booth
  • Powder Booth
  • Powder-Paint-Booth
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Powder Coating Spray Booth from GeneralCoat

The concept of Powder Booth is gaining popularity these days in various industrial areas. This is because powder coating is a flexible and eco-friendly process and delivers excellent finishing products according to client’s requirement as compared to conventional ‘wet’ paint solvents.

Are you searching for Powder Coating Spray Booth at the best prices? We can give you the best deal. GeneralCoat has been manufacturing and supplying custom Powder Booth for over many years. Our booths are always produced as per the industry standard and we ensure that client satisfaction is our top priority.

At GeneralCoat, we understand the demand of our clients so we offer a broad scope of powder booths to meet the industrial needs. You can avail of batch powder booths for manual application, pass through booths for automatic systems, lab booths, cartridge-style powder booths, etc., at a reliable pricing range. Rest assured that you will take the delivery of complete and outstanding solutions for various applications as per your needs and specifications.

With Powder Coating Spray Booth, the coating process is applied to the object in the form of an atomized powder spray. It delivers a flexible smooth tough coating. We should suggest opting for powder coatings as it is durable enough and help to obtain a superior quality finish. Along with that, this process is completely apt for automation and has the ability to recover.

Benefits of powder spray coating:

As powder coating delivers the highest level of finishing products so it is instantly recognizable. It reduces corrosion effects and offers good scratch resistance properties.

Our Powder Coating Spray Booth is specially used for automated powder coating and installed under the conveyor line according to the customer’s manufacture situation. It is more productive and cost-effective.

Most essentially, a favorite spray booth is built with non-stick engineering plastic. Cleaning So Easy, Color Change So Quick. Combined with two steps’ powder recovery systems, it enables you to collect overspray and reclaim the powder for re-use in automated systems.

Our expert engineers are highly professional and our staffs are extremely knowledgeable to answer every question that you may have in your mind. So, you can call us for more information if you have any doubt or queries about our Powder Booth.