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Corona Gun

Corona Gun

  • Corona Gun
  • Electrostatic-Powder-Coating-Gun
  • Powder Coating Spray Gun
  • Corona Powder Coating Gun

Focusing on intensive research and constant innovation, GeneralCoat always presents the finest powder spray gun for more consistent and repeatable coating performance.

Productivity & economy

Easy cleaning & simplicity

Light weight & compact size

Quality of application guaranteed

Ergonomic design & well balanced

Easy assembly & disassembly of jet nozzle system

High application efficiency due to increased transfer rates

GeneralCoat provides gun nozzles for every application giving excellent penetration. With built-in high voltage cascade, each gun comes complete with flat nozzle and different circular deflectors. Extended barrel nozzles and angle nozzles are designed to ensure quality of difficult applications. And double or triple nozzles are employed to coat large workpieces. Smoother finishes can be resulted with all kinds of powder including super tiny powder, even with metallic powder.