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Electric Industrial Oven

Electric Industrial Oven

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Specifications of GeneralCoat’s electric industrial oven

Heater: electrically powered

Power (3 phase): 6kW, 12kW, 21KW, 30KW, . . .

Internal Volume: 2CBM, 9CBM, 16CBM, 24CBM, . . . (Custom’s size can be made to order.)

Temperature Reached: 100C, 250C, 400C, 500C

Interior Material: galvanized steel, stainless steel (optional)

Exterior Material: cold roll steel

Heat Insulation Layer: 100mm or 150mm, aluminum silicate wool

Affordable Electric Industrial Ovens

If you are searching for Electric Industrial Oven, then you can count on GeneralCoat. Here we deliver the highest standard of industrial ovens that will perfectly suit your business and applications. We concern about client satisfaction.

Get powder coating oven at GeneralCoat

GeneralCoat offers strong, stainless steel, Electric Industrial Oven that is capable enough to take heating up to intense temperatures quickly, expediently without consuming much electricity. Our Powder Coating Oven can be used in preheating, curing, varnish baking, and welding.

We produce our Electric Industrial Ovens with modern technology, the capable circulation fan to maintain a consistent temperature, imported elements, and tailored according to the client’s requirement. All our electric ovens are tough, performance-driven, and you won’t need to worry about frequent maintenance.

By using our years of experience and skill, we at GeneralCoat provide outstanding electric powder coating oven that is most recognized for less power utilization, working efficiency, and unperturbed performance. We would say that they are the best solution for industrial baking applications. Customers can avail of our powder coating oven in different sizes and capacities to meet their specifications.

Our electric ovens come with various benefits and you can achieve huge amounts of tasks in less time. Many companies are using our ovens to make their processes smooth. The ovens don’t require heavy manpower to produce more profit. These industrial ovens are eco-friendly.

Order Walk In Oven at best price

One more type of industrial oven offer by us is recognized as Walk in Oven. The dimension of our industrial walk-in oven depends on the client’s needs and also can be personalized with a variety of options. Most essentially, their versatility, ease of Material Handling, flexibility with superior controls, and tight uniformity make them appreciated for most commercial applications. Our Walk in Oven is extensively utilized for powder coating, composite, and heat-treating businesses.

Order for superior quality and cost-effective Walk In Oven, Powder Coating Oven and Electric Industrial Oven now!