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Gema Replacement Parts

Gema Replacement Parts

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GeneralCoat supplies the most complete Gema Replacement Parts for Gema Powder Coating Gun, Gema Powder Coating Equipment and Gema Powder Coating System, such as Gema OptiFlex Parts, Gema Venturi and etc. All parts are non OEM, not manufactured by, authorized by, or affiliated with Gema which is a registered trademark of Gema Switzerland, GmbH.

The replacements made by GeneralCoat as Gema Aftermarket Parts, compatible with Gema Equivalent Part #:

1006485 Insert sleeve – PTFE venturi for Powder injector OptiFlow IG06

1016561 Cartridge for Powder injector OptiFlow IG07-P

1007931 1010160 Flat jet nozzle NF20

331341 Deflector Ø16mm

1007231 Cascade for Gema Powder Coating Gun (GM03, GA03)

1016953 Gun cable 12m for manual Gema Powder Coating Gun (OptiSelect Pro GM04)

105139 Powder hose (antistatic) Ø11/16mm

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Gema OptiFlex Parts

Elevate your powder coating experience with GeneralCoat’s premium Gema OptiFlex Parts and Gema Venturi accessories. As a leading provider of high-quality replacement parts, GeneralCoat ensures top-notch performance and reliability for your powder coating equipment.

The Gema OptiFlex Parts offered by GeneralCoat are meticulously designed to meet the exact specifications of Gema OptiFlex systems. Whether you need OptiFlex hoses, nozzles, or electrodes, GeneralCoat provides a comprehensive range of replacement parts to keep your powder coating system running smoothly. Our parts are manufactured with precision and durability in mind, guaranteeing a seamless fit and optimal performance.

In addition, GeneralCoat offers a selection of Gema Venturi accessories to enhance the efficiency of your powder coating process. From Venturi inserts to Venturi tubes, our Venturi parts are crafted to deliver exceptional results and improve the overall functionality of your Gema powder coating equipment. Trust GeneralCoat to provide genuine replacement parts that uphold the integrity and performance of your Gema systems.

Experience the difference with GeneralCoat’s Gema OptiFlex Parts and Gema Venturi accessories. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive top-of-the-line products that enhance the effectiveness of your powder coating operations. Upgrade your equipment with GeneralCoat – your trusted source for premium replacement parts in the powder coating industry.