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Nordson Replacement Parts

Nordson Replacement Parts

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All items listed in this website are not genuine Nordson Powder Coating Parts, non OEM. These are made by GeneralCoat as Nordson Replacement Parts, 100% interchangeable with the originals in Nordson Powder Coating System or Nordson Powder Coating Equipment. GeneralCoat is not authorized by Nordson, which is the registered trademark of Nordson Corporation, US. GeneralCoat just offers an affordable spare parts solution to Nordson Powder Coating Gun.

288573, 288567 SureCoat Electrode Kit

1604824 Encore Electrode Assembly, flat spray

1609888 1609889 Encore Lance Extensions, 150mm 300mm

631207 Charge module service kit for tribomatic II automatic Nordson Powder Coating Gun

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Encore Electrode Assembly

Looking to enhance the performance of your powder coating system? Look no further than GeneralCoat for top-quality replacement parts. Our Encore electrode assembly and Encore lance extensions are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring seamless integration into your existing Powder Coating System or Powder Coating Equipment.

At GeneralCoat, we pride ourselves on offering 100% interchangeable parts that are expertly crafted to deliver exceptional results. Our Encore electrode assembly and lance extensions provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance. These parts are meticulously manufactured to exact specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit and reliable operation.

It’s important to note that all items listed on our website are genuine GeneralCoat products, specifically designed as Nordson Replacement Parts. While we are not authorized by Nordson, we assure you that our parts are of the highest quality and offer a reliable alternative to the original equipment. Our goal is to provide affordable spare parts that maintain the integrity and efficiency of your powder coating system.

Experience the difference with GeneralCoat’s Encore electrode assembly and lance extensions. Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence as you upgrade your powder coating system with precision-engineered parts. Elevate your coating process with GeneralCoat – your trusted partner for quality replacement parts.