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Powder Hose

Powder Hose

  • Powder Hose
  • Powder Coating Hose
  • Grounded Powder Hose
  • Antistatic Powder Hose
  • Conductive Powder Hose

1. Anti-static Powder Hose:

Grounded powder hose has embedded carbon strip which provides a positive path to earth via contacting with the powder injector. So friction charging is eliminated when powders flow through antistatic powder hose.

Conductive powder hose from GeneralCoat features durable and heat resistant. Its quality interior surface enables consistent powder flow.

ID/OD 10/15, 11/16, 12/18, 19/25mm
Weight 130g/m (12/18mm)
Material POE
Working pressure max. 6kgf/cm2 (85psi)
Ground wire conductance 10-6s/m
Bend radius allowed min. 150mm
Temperature range -20℃~+50℃
Maintenance care blow powder out
Packing 60m(200ft)/roll, 100m(330ft)/roll


2. Flexible Powder Hose:

This powder coating hose is made from PVC and silicone composite material to have anti-freezing property. If employing material PU, super wearable powder hose is resulted.

ID/OD – 10/16mm, 12/18mm, 19/27mm

Packing – 100m(330ft)/roll, 50m(165ft)/roll